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National Coming Out Day

In 1994, in a southern Baptist household on a dead-end street of nine houses, I felt one way and one way only: alone. Where I grew up, queer was a crime. If you were lucky you were ignored and if your luck ran out, you were punished. It felt like the only option was to keep your head down and mouth shut. I was fifteen years old and knew exactly who I was but struggled to articulate my identity.

Dear Kids and Teens of Lake Forest Park...

New Book Club

Dear Kids and Teens of Lake Forest Park,

If you’ve heard through the grapevine that we’re starting some new book clubs for you, you would be correct! This fall we’re welcoming both a Middle Grade book club, and a Young Adult book club to our Lake Forest Park location. You can find out more information about when those clubs meet, as well as other general information at the Book Club page

13 Audiobooks So Good You Should Listen Even If You've Already Read the Book

Confession: I do about half my reading via audiobook. I listen to audiobooks pretty much constantly; in the car, before bed, while cooking. Sometimes I listen in the shower, or while also playing video games, or while walking my dog. I love audiobooks. They help me squeeze books into moments that would be otherwise tragically bookless. 

Dip A Toe Into Romance

Bookstore Romance Day is upon us: a day where we invite our loyal romance readers to come in, browse the selection, and shop local. We’re offering a 20% discount on Romance titles for the day. Come to us, Romance readers -- we can’t wait to see you!

But this post isn’t necessarily for the seasoned Romance reader -- you don’t need my help. I’m here to talk to the rest of you lovely readers. The readers who aren’t on board yet. 

Book Doctor

The Doctor Is In!

As book lovers, I think most of us know the joy of reading the perfect book at the perfect time. When you’re facing life’s various adversities, the right book can offer useful insight, reassure you that you aren’t alone, or it can transport you to a place where your troubles don’t exist.


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