The 20

2018 marks Third Place Books' 20th anniversary. That's 20 years of author events, 20 years of hosting book clubs, 20 years of selling you your new favorite books. It's been a joy to be here in Lake Forest Park, Ravenna, and now our newest location, Seward Park.

For as long as we've been around, we've collected quite the cadre of booksellers. But what you may not realize... bookselling has been a lifelong career for many of us. Not only are books our hobby, they're also our job. Doing a very rough calculation, our booksellers have an average of 13 years experience. Of course all that time spent around books is bound to give us some opinions. And let me tell you, those opinions are strong. A list of our collective 20 favorite books would be impossible. Just out of the question. Instead, I'm giving everyone the chance to make their own list. 

Throughout the next several months, the Lake Forest Park store will be featuring The 20. Each bookseller will have the chance to select and display 20 books. I'm talking 20 books that changed their lives, their 20 absolute favorites, the 20 books they could read over and over again. You might think 20 books is a big list to come up with, but more that one bookseller has expressed very real anguish at having to narrow down their selections.

Come in and check out our display, designed to look like the bookshelves we have at home, complete with spined out titles, and bookshelf ephemera. Each bookseller's 20 books will also be 20% off while featured.

This is just the beginning of the 20th Anniversary celebration. Stay tuned for more features and events. And thanks to all of you for these 20 amazing years!