Posted July 26, 2021 by Sarah B.
Book Club Recs - Summer 2021

Hello book clubs! (And aspiring book club members!) Today I’m happy to introduce a new recurring blog post series: seasonal book club recommendations! Each season we’ll work to provide a list of new paperback releases that we’re excited about!

It’s so much fun pouring over the new release lists to find books that are great to read and discuss together. For this summer, we've gathered recent and upcoming paperback releases for the months of June, July, and August. The books below are not intended to be exhaustive, but we hope they’ll be a starting point for you and your clubs to find new and exciting voices and stories to share with each other. And if you want to join any of our Third Place Books hosted Book Clubs you can find more information here.

 Posted July 18, 2021 by Emily
Adult Summer Book Bingo Recs PART 2

Part 2 of our book recommendations for the Adult Summer Reading Book Bingo is here! This game is put together by Seattle Arts & Lectures (SAL) and the Seattle Public Library (SPL). We've got lots of amazing picks for the second half of the bingo card so you can easily check off those squares and be on your way to getting bingo or a full card blackout! The challenge goes until September 7th so you've still got plenty of time to get in some great summer reading and potentially win some prizes.

 Posted July 14, 2021 by Emily
Adult Summer Book Bingo Recs PART 1

Are you participating in the Seattle Public Library's Summer Book Bingo? Have you been meaning to do it during summers passed? Is this the first you're hearing about this? Well, however you answered these questions, I'm here to tell you all about the wonderfulness that is Book Bingo 2021!

Every summer, the Seattle Public Library (SPL) and Seattle Arts & Lectures (SAL) team up to bring hundreds of readers and non-readers alike 24 squares of reading opportunities. Why do kids get to have all the fun? You have until September 7th to read a line of five for a bingo or to read all 24 for a blackout. After submitting it via email, in-person, or social media, you are in the running to win some very cool prizes. 

 Posted July 1, 2021 by Dean
The Mermaid

"The high, thrilling song of the Sirens will transfix him, lolling there in their meadow, 'round them heaps of corpses, rotting away, rags of skin shriveling on their bones."

-Circe in The Odyssey

 Posted June 23, 2021 by Nicole
Books That Feel Like Summer (YA & Kids Edition)

While the sun is currently trying to kill us with it's fiery rays of doom here in Seattle (and no, I'm not being dramatic), I have compiled a list of bright and colorful young adult and kids books that scream summertime (with slightly less apocalyptic heat wave vibes than this week). 

If you're feeling nostalgic for lemonade stands, summer camp, and first loves, this list is for you. If you're dreaming of summer vacations, plunging into crystal clear waters, and a sandy beach to scrunch your toes in, this list is for you. If you're craving fruity popsicles, boppin' tunes, and road trips, you guessed it, this list is for you. The books are organized in the following order: Young Adult Fiction, Young Adult Graphic Novels, Middle Grade, Middle Grade Graphic Novels, and Illustrated books. The sweet escape of a good story awaits you. Happy reading friends and I hope you're staying as cool as you can in this merciless heat.

 Posted June 17, 2021 by Nicole
Books That Feel Like Summer (Adult Edition)

Crack open your sunscreen and get out your beach bags people because summer has officially begun! To help set the tone for sunset evenings, cool beverages, and sticky watermelon fingers I’ve got a whole list of books to get you in that summer sunshine mood. I’ve got lots of Fiction and Romance with some Mystery & Suspense as well as a few non-fiction books towards the end. I hope you soak up every drop of the summertime vibes emanating from these books and that they help you jump into your summer reading plans with a splash.

Stay tuned for next week's blog post all about Kids & YA summer books!

 Posted June 9, 2021 by Sarah B.
Magical Middle-Grade Books (For Adults Too!)

As the school year comes to a close and children’s summer reading challenges begin (keep an eye out for TPB’s list), we have a new kind of challenge for you: seek out magic in your everyday life. 

Most people I know fell in love with the magic of reading as a child - engrossed in worlds with endless possibilities. We imagined ourselves flying off to Neverland, sitting for the sorting hat at Hogwarts, training with extraordinary teens at Camp Half-Blood, going on an unexpected journey with a band of dwarves - reading meant endless possibility and discovery. It’s a lot harder to find that same feeling in the pages we read as adults. When we open a book today, we bring all our grown-up anxieties, fears, and unrealized dreams with us, and we’re not always ready to confront them in the fiction we read. When I read, I want to rediscover love and hope and magic - the magic that came so easy as a child.

 Posted June 1, 2021 by Nicole
Kids Books ft. Diverse Families <3

Happy Pride Month everyone!!! To kick off celebrating the many different LGBTQIA+ stories out there, I have put together a list of kids books (illustrated & board) that feature diverse families in all different forms. There are titles on this list that go over a whole bunch of different families at once as well as stories that focus on one individual family. 

For the latter, I have focused particularly on stories with queer family members. Seeing queer kids, parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, and uncles of all different races, genders, and with disabilities in these stories is incredibly powerful and something I never saw as a little kid but wish I had. I hope these books will be a positive presence on your shelves and help the kids in your life better understand their own families as well as the families in their communities.

 Posted May 25, 2021 by Emily
Your Favorite Literary Underdogs: Short Stories & Essays

While novels generally take center stage and (let’s be real) steal all the limelight, it behooves me to share my love for the often overlooked and misjudged genre of short stories and essays.

You might be a diehard reader of grand tales and thick tomes. Preferably with lots of characters and plot that grows for pages and pages. The bigger, the better; the longer, the more exciting. And perhaps you believe that short stories and essays tend to end abruptly and without very good resolutions. But I am going to let you in on a secret. The shortness and brevity of these stories can actually work in your favor!

 Posted May 19, 2021 by Nicole
Happy AAPI Heritage Month! (Adult Books)

I'm back again folks with more Asian American and Pacific Islander book recommendations to continue celebrating AAPI Heritage Month - and this time we're talking about adult books! I've included a good range of fiction, non-fiction, romance, science fiction, and fantasy so there's all kinds of genres for your perusal.

Though there's a good amount of books on this list, but it only scratches the surface of amazing books by AAPI authors. I definiltey recommend following these authors and more on social media to continue hearing about more book recommendations. And if you have the means, support your local AAPI owned businesses in your community and consider donating to nonprofits that support the AAPI community (such as API Chaya here in Seattle).

Make sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for more book-related fun and if you're looking for the audiobook version of any of these titles, you can head to where you can get audiobooks while still supporting Third Place Books!