Author Event Booking


After twenty years in the business, Third Place Books hosts one of the largest author events programs in the region, with busy calendars of events at all three store locations across the Seattle area. In addition to nationally (and internationally) touring authors, we also take pride in hosting events for local authors.

We generally reserve our events program for newly released books only: if you are a self-published author, we urge you to think ahead, as we typically book events two to three months in advance of publication date. We also have a robust promotional process for getting the word out about your event, but this does not guarantee an audience. When proposing an event, please give careful consideration to how you intend to promote it. And, as a courtesy, please let us and other bookstores know when you are attempting to book multiple events around town.


IF YOU ARE AN AUTHOR or an independent publicist, agent, or consultant interested in having an author event at Third Place Books, please submit an Event Proposal via email (see form below). Please keep in mind we have three store locations at Lake Forest Park, Ravenna, and Seward Park. Our author events calendar reaches capacity several months in advance. Due to the nature of most publishing cycles, we tend to schedule author events within 4–5 months of publication date, as our event series focuses primarily on newly released books. Please inform us if you are trying to schedule events with multiple stores within the Seattle area. If your book is self-published or otherwise available only on consignment, indicate so in the form below. More information about our consignment program can be found here.

Please send your completed author proposal form to our events team at, and please give us as much information as possible about your local connections, past event sales, and your relationship with our store. The Event Proposal Form can be accessed by downloading the .docx file below. Please submit as a single Word or PDF file. Third Place Books cannot accept event pitches via phone or postal service.

IF YOU ARE WITH A PUBLISHER, your main contact for all three store locations is Author Events Manager Spencer Ruchti (