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 Posted January 17, 2021 by Third Place Books
Cookbooks for Culinary Inspiration

A new year has begun with already a fair amount of societal stress. Amidst everything that is happening, hopefully we can all take a moment to prepare a nice meal for ourselves and savor the act of eating really good food. To help jumpstart your new cooking adventures for the year, our cooking aficionados of the store, Danielle & Kitri, have put together an excellent list of cookbooks for all the culinary inclined folks out there.

 Posted January 10, 2021 by Wesley
Smell Ya Later, 2020.

Massive loss that left so many feeling helpless, fragile and unmoored. The ongoing fight for equity. A catch-all anxiety tied to the simple passing of time. Moments of true rest were few and far between this past year. But there were moments.

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