Year of the Crow // by Barbara Stoner

SYBIL SUMMER, 75, can still fly, which is lucky because it’s the only way she, her son TEDDY, grandson BRIAN, and her crippled friend SEBASTIAN are going to escape the Homelanders. The year is 2030. Frightened by a series of terrorist attacks, most Americans hide within walled communities, depending on an expanded Department of Homeland Security for safety. Now the “Homelanders” want Teddy for murder, and probably treason as well.

The narrative switches between 2030 and 1978, as Sybil remembers or retells the events of that earlier summer, a journey to a Grateful Dead show at Red Rocks, and tragedy on a mountainside in Colorado.
“Dived in one end of ‘Year of the Crow’ and came up gasping for breath on the other, savagely well entertained. Some remarkably true-to-life Grateful Dead literary concert footage, performed with affection and irrepoachable insider perspective, makes this book a candidate for the archives. My favorite Dead tale to date.” ~Robert Hunter, The Grateful Dead.