We Came Back to Say: an Anthology of Memoir// Edited by Theo Pauline Nestor



Why has the memoir gained such a boost in popularity over the last fifteen years? Perhaps because contemporary readers yearn for the intimate companionship between storyteller and reader that this forthright genre offers. As a generation of readers, we crave authenticity. In We Came Back to Say’s twenty-five stories, you’ll find the extraordinary in these “ordinary” stories of love and loss, despair and hope. Some of the pieces here are funny, others sad, but all are true, and in all of them, you’re certain to find the story of our shared humanity. 


Stories by:

Faren Bachelis, Christiane Banta, Sandy Barnes, Johna Beall, Paul Boardman, Robyne L. Curry, Wendy Staley Colbert, Jennifer Crowder, Carmen D’Arcangelo, Elizabeth M. Economou, Jean Engler, John Mace, Dana Montanari, Deli Moussavi-Bock, Peggy A. Nagae, Eleanor Owen, Julie Parks, Star Roberts, Natalie Singer, Joyce Tomlinson, Jeanne Verville, Kellini Walter, Sue Wiedenfeld, Amber Wong, Linda Zbigley.