UPLAKE: an Apocalyptic Wilderness Adventure // by George Thielman

Captain Tom Trainer retires as an Air Force commando and moves to Stehekin Washington on the northern shore of Lake Chelan. Living next to the North Cascade National Park he finds a secluded peaceful community thriving with no shortage of colorful characters. Without strip-malls or big box stores, food is plentiful; gardens grow the best of organic crops. His cabin is unplugged and unwired yet warm and secure.
While living in a truly natural society a cataclysmic spread of a deadly virus ends the life of billions across the globe. Born in the filth and squalid conditions of a Central American city, it is the most virulent sickness since the Black Plague.
Only the most remote people survive; the world’s wilderness becomes the center of the world.
Communities surrounding the sixty mile-long Lake Chelan begin to die, but a handful recovers. With little connection to the outside world the small group of survivors had already learned to adjust to a life without TV, the Weather Channel, doctors, radio, internet, twitter accounts or cell phones.
Even with plentiful game and safe crops the happy fledgling communities find out their most immediate problem is the threat of opportunistic and violent thieves.
Living free of low and high level pollution the community discovers that the billions of gallons and pounds of trash and discarded toxic chemicals threaten their new society. 
Tom Trainer and his survivors find that even when living through an apocalypse in paradise they cannot ignore the past.