TARHUN: Legend of the Lightning God // by Mark Teppo and John Murphy

Teshub. Taru. Tarhun.

Known by many names, the Hittite lord of storms ruled over the pantheons of central Anatolia for over a thousand years. Several millenia later his name is still hailed in the high plateau of central Turkey. 
Journey with The Cabiri as they visit the world of Kummiya and learn of the legacy of the Lightning God. Hear the stories of the performers, see concept art and the mythography used to create the story, and lose yourself in a novelization of the performance.
The Anunnaki Project is a multidisciplinary nonprofit arts organization that seeks to educate the public about the mythology and folklore of cultures that have passed into antiquity. Via its theatrical emissary, the Cabiri performance troupe, ancient myths are brought to life in spectacular live performance featuring contemporary dance, aerial acrobatics and puppetry. The organization also maintains a free online encyclopedia of terms from myth and folklore, hosts workshops on myth, and publishes written educational materials. For more information, visit www.anunnaki.org and www.cabiri.org