Parnassus on Wheels // by Christopher Morley

Andrew McGill and his sister, Helen McGill were wonderfully happy on their farm in the country until Andrew wrote a book and suddenly found himself famous as The Sage of Redfield and the author of Happiness and Hayseed.
Perhaps it was because the publishers once referred to her as a “Rural Xantippe,” or perhaps it was the madness of the whole proposition or just a desire to have an adventure of her own that impelled Helen McGill to buy “Parnassus on Wheels,” the traveling book van, from the little red-beared “Professor” who drove into the yard one day. Too, it may have been the comic mixture of drollery and weather-beaten cynicism in the “Professor’s” face that lent excitement to the purchase. At any rate, she suddenly abandoned the baking of bread and drove off with the “Professor” with no attempt at an explanation to her brother.
This whimsical, fantastic little story is the record of their adventures, and of how the “Professor” brought the splendor of an ideal into her hum-drum life.
Third Place Press is proud to reintroduce Morley's Book-lover's Classic to 21st century audiences.