The Outlaw's Journey: A Mythological Approach to Storytelling for Writers Behind Bars // by Gloria Kempton

You live in a 6 x 8 foot cell.
You’re watched 24 hours per day.
You seldom get one moment to yourself to think a thought, take a leak, make a private phone call. You have little control over anything at all in your life. Unless you’re an innocent man, you’ve hurt someone and because you’re paying the consequences, you’re reminded of what you did every single day. Much of society has written you off, and depending on the kind of crime you’ve committed, does not want to see you out on the streets again any time soon, if ever.
You’re an outlaw. You’ve taken a path that is literally outside of the law. And yet, even though you’re only too aware of all of the above, something else is also true. You’re a hero. There is indeed someone in charge of your life and that someone is you. You’re the hero of your life, hereafter called your journey. Your life is a story, and you’re the main character. 
The Outlaw’s Journey is single-handedly the most beneficial course I’ve ever taken. … I’ve found by being truthful, we learn the lessons life is teaching us. We learn our reasons to be and most of the time we learn that we already knew these things but didn’t know how to explore our truth until we began to walk the trail of a hero.” ~M.J