Listening to the Corn // by Rita Bresnahan

From the Preface:
Listening to the Corn is a collection of stories, of poetic moments that have presented themselves in living color before my very eyes…The “poems” that pop up often feel like holy moments.
As reflected in the lead story, “listening to the corn” means listening deeply to one another, even to what is unspoken, to what “corn” might represent for each person. The core: where a person is most alive, what really matters to him or her. Listening in this way, we are able to immerse ourselves in one another’s words and experience.
Listening to the corn also means listening to oneself, to one’s body, to one’s intuition.
It means paying attention to the movement of spirit, and to life as it happens all around us…Nudging and poking and uplifting, astonishing and swirling, questioning, and blessing…
Rita has taught me how to listen for everyday magic and helped me see the world through her eyes. She has a child’s delight in discovery, and the soul of a wise woman. The gift to us is that she is able to put experiences into words in a way that allows all of us along for the daily joy ride, no matter what street.
~Peggy Sturdivant Cancer Lifeline Writing Facilitator.
Author, Out of Nowhere.