Lest We Fall // by Tess Marset

What if you had a unique skill that you never asked for?
A talent that would endanger the lives of your family…

With the appearance of a young girl in her mirror, Mia’s odyssey into the supernatural continues in this sequel to With My Little Eye.
She and husband Dan were settling in to a renewed home life after the birth of their son. But their time of happiness is short lived as the forlorn child in the mirror starts to reveal clues of her imprisonment. Mia is forced to call upon her intuitive powers to solve the mystery surrounding the girl’s whereabouts in a race against tragedy. 
In doing so, she comes face to face with a much darker force that will not only test her resolve, but ultimately, her will to survive.
“From the time she was little, Mia was gifted with knowing things before they happened, or was she cursed? Tess Marset has written a page turner with in depth knowledge of human nature. Her book takes us on a suspenseful journey—one in which our beliefs are challenged and fears exposed. Can’t wait for a sequel.”  
~ Patricia Treanor (Litchfield Park, AZ)