i Hung Myself on the Moon

Six years have passed since the war
the rocks still in place
we have learned
they keep us warm and safe
and yet the war implicates us
and they are killing
wolves in packs now
or breaking them into dogs.
~from We Learned to Howl Like Wolves 
 Having walked in the room, you are confronted by a surprise that sparks anxiety at the mere presence of another, and you begin to appraise the moment. You say this is always how it was going to happen to me. A long day of busing tables, followed by song of hard days’ work only to be enamored by a muse. Suddenly a strong confidence arises. Something like destiny. “I am supposed to meet this person here” and now I will only speak in my highest esteem. From the beginning to end it is filled with error, but there is nothing that will stop the possibility being explored. Discourse, poetry and desire fill the night and the months to come. 
You see there are manners by which to engage a muse and I was determined to learn them. Thus I hung myself from the moon while courting the muse.