Footprints in the Mud: A Peace Corps Volunteer’s 40+ Years of Ties to Thailand // by Mike Macleod

The author’s first footprints in the area of his Peace Corps teaching assignment in 1964 were washed away by raging flood waters. At the end of his four-year tour, a Thai colleague reminded Mr. MacLeod of a local idiom: Ban Mi mud is sticky, his way of reminding the author that he had left a favorable impression and good works, but also that Ban Mi—indeed, Thailand—would have a lasting hold on his heart. That has been true for more than forty years of various teaching, research, and travel experiences.
This memoir tells stories of adventures, people, and teaching. Besides being an expression of a love affair with things Thai, it testifies to the truth that most effective teachers are made, not born. 
Footprints in the Mud offers the reader interesting material about Thailand and an American’s relationship to it, while also providing a look at the long career of a teacher. The author’s hope is that his affection for things Thai and love of teaching will be contagious!