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« Saturday November 17, 2012 »
Start: 8:45 am
End: 9:45 am
Practitioners of all abilities, age 13 and above are welcome on a weekly or drop-in basis.
Start: 10:00 am
End: 4:00 pm
A drop in for everyone interested in all things inky: pens, markers, brushes, whatever stirs your creativity.  All levels of experience welcome!  Look for the plastic covered tables in the Commons.
Start: 11:00 am
End: 1:00 pm
Fountain pen fans welcome all who share their hobby. More information at www.seattlepenclub.com.
Start: 6:30 pm
End: 8:00 pm
In Spectrums, David Blatner blends narrative and illustration to illuminate the variety of spectrums that affect our lives every day: numbers, size, light, sound, heat, and time. Exploring far-reaching spectrums gives us fascinating perspective on our small but not insignificant place in the universe. With easy-to-read, engaging, and insightful observations, illustrated by a wealth of photographs and diagrams, Blatner helps us "grok"-understand intuitively-six spectrums we encounter constantly, making our daily lives richer and more meaningful through greater appreciation of the bizarre and beautiful world in which we live.
Start: 7:30 pm
End: 9:30 pm