The Empty Chair // by John Wennberg




For those of you who know a person with a disability and for those of you who don't, I wrote this book to give you a glimpse into my story, and what goes on in the life of a person with a disability. Though I cannot speak for other people like myself, I want to open up the door to create dialogue among people with disabilities and in the community as a whole.

My goals are simple. I want to share my personal experience and for others like me to open up amongst themselves and share their experiences as well, and to hear what it's really like. Through open dialogue, I want able-bodied people to learn about us and not be afraid of people with disabilities. In that way, we can have a more balanced relationship and be able to interact with each other as normally as possible. That step would enable us to be able to understand, that though each of us is unique and from different backgrounds, we're all the same.