Annalee's Library // by Janet Rief Bliesner

The year is 1855 and Annalee Campbell believes her entire life has been decided for her. She is destined, as her mother and her mother’s mother before her, to marry, have children, and toil along side a husband until she is old and withered. At fifteen years of age she obediently accompanies her family westward across the wide desert plains of wild America, in search of the dreams of her father. 
But a single tragic hour changes her life forever.
Over the course of the next forty-five years Annalee survives insurmountable challenges. Her life takes her from her birth place of Columbia, Missouri, across the plains of mid-nineteenth century America, to a society of Colorado Indians, to the debauchery of San Francisco’s Barbary Coast. She overcomes brutality, loss and loneliness.
Annalee has been a wife, a widow, a mother, a confidant, a counselor. 
Follow her journey across a continent, a century, and her lifetime in this story of prejudice, perspective, growth and survival.