All the World's a Stage // by Cleta Rogers Hughes




All the World’s a Stage: Remembered Scenarios of a Minor Player is the story of Cleta Rogers Hughes’ own Odyssey, triggered at the age of five when a precognitive dream traumatically incised her extroverted personality with the interiority of a metaphorical traveler. Her life’s episodes are full of colorful characterizations, traumatic scenes, and portraits of famous literary and theatrical visitors. The University of Washington’s Drama Department in Seattle and its regional and national impact from 1930 - 1960 are a major subject. The book’s later chapters take us along on Cleta’s dramatic adventures in Europe with the gallant French diplomat who would become her second husband and a cadre of international characters living in Monte Carlo during the reign of Princess Grace. The author’s interior Odyssey eventually finds closure through the mentoring of Carl Jung, the Swiss analytical psychologist famous for his unique theories of the Unconscious Mind. 


Born in Texas during the Depression years, Cleta Rogers Hughes grew up a bookworm in the tiny town of Troy and eventually took to the stage, studying drama first at Texas Christian University and later at the University of Washington, where she met and married the famed playwright Glenn Hughes, founder of the UW’s renowned Drama Department. Her fascinating life’s journey takes her from the world of theater to motherhood, to international society and eventually to teaching, where she reveled in sharing the riches of the Humanities and the English Language with her beloved students.