Alien Invasion: Reptilians, Cetaceans, and Frequency Wars on Planet Earth // by Wuono



"Interesting, informative, well-written, Alien Invasion is a page-turner for readers to devour in one sitting, leaving them wanting more!" - Ariele M. Huff, author.

"An eye-opening and informative guide to what's going on in the world today and why--and what we can do in response." -Jefff Daughterty, Author & Radio Show Host.

"I suggest anyone with an interest in alien invasion theory, research or investigation may benefit from the information presented in this book." - Michael Adair, Author.

In the distant past, Reptilian star-travelers conquered humanity. These demon-possessed body-forms cruelly exploited and subjugated the humans. Another race of beings called Cetaceans came to help humans liberate themselves from Reptilian domination.

This is a true-story account of Cetaceans' efforts on Planet Earth. The narrator is Wuono, a Cetacean who has infiltrated the humans by merging with a human body-form. In this book you will discover deep secrets that have been hidden from you for centuries, namely, that there is a frequency war being waged between Reptilians and Cetaceans on Earth.