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Bluets (Paperback)

ISBN-13: 9781933517407
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Wave Books, 10/2009

Maggie Nelson examines not only the color blue, but the ways in which she is attracted to, if not desiring and lustful of, blue. In order to better understand her desire for blue, she examines her other desires: for an ex-lover, whom she calls the prince of blue, for sex, for writing, for drinking. She falls in love with blue. She tries to make blue the answer to her loneliness. She studies the history of blue, the linguistics, the way philosophers have been obsessed by it and how the average adult will favor it. Perhaps it's a universal desire, the way we sing the blues and feel blue. The way we are lonely too. This is a brief book but monstrously expansive and heartfelt. 

Katherine (Ravenna)

Book Recommendations

  • $18.99

    Rainbow Rowell has done something magical. She's written a captivating book for young adults that will charm and delight regular old adults too. A love story, an honest look at mental health, family drama, loyal friendships, and nerdy, Harry Potter-esque fanfiction all wrapped up in the exciting, heady first days of college. Rowell pulls all of this off in one perfect novel; it's a marvel of a balancing act that many writers of adult fiction have yet to master. Smart, funny, sweet, and dizzyingly romantic, the love story alone will have your stomach flip-flopping with memories of your own first love. These characters leap off the page and I desperately wish that they were real. That's how lovely they are. She writes her characters with a kindness and genuineness that never wavers into sentimentality. All of her books are wonderful. Fangirl is my favorite.

    I know that a lot of you hesitate to read young adult fiction, but when something this good comes along, it's time to challenge your biases and open yourself up to some inspiring and wonderful writing.

  • $26.95
    In this vividly imagined account of first contact between Jesuit priests and the Huron in the seventeenth century, Boyden depicts two distinct cultures on a collision course. His portrayal of the conflict feels even-handed and realistic, not glorifying either side. Rich with details about Huron customs, this suspenseful, thought-provoking novel brings history to life.

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